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"File Archiver Meets File Manager"

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PeaZip is unique in the fact not only does it compress and uncompress files but it also works as a file manager. While the compression rate isn't amazing and the file manager isn't as complete as some, both are enough for the average users needs. It also saves time for those who would rather use one software to do multiple things over using 2 different products to do 2 separate things.

The only downsides to PeaZip is the fact it's compression isn't that good and there are better file managers out there.

However I recommend PeaZip to anyone who wants an all in one solution. It's pretty simple and very easy to use as well as offers everything the average user needs. Give it a shot and see for yourself.

  • File Archiver
  • File Manager
  • Free
  • Average Compression Ratio
  • Basic File Manager

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01 Aug 2010

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